How to Check Message Delivery Status in Outlook Like GroupWise


GroupWise allow users to check the status of an email message within the organisation, for example you can see if the message has delivered or recipient has actually read you message. When organisations are planning to move or moved from GroupWise to Outlook many complains about not been able to check the delivery status. Sure there is Novell propaganda about losing this functionality and so on in their published golden document of Top 10 Things that you will lose, which is incorrect.

By default Exchange server 2010 or 2013 has Email Tracking disable and that is why you cannot see this option. Ask your administrator to enable email tracking, if you are an administrator you can do this using the following command on any of your CAS or Mail box server. You only need to make this change on a single server in your environment because it is an organisation level command.

Set-OrganizationConfig –ReadTrackingEnabled $true

After launching a command you need to wait for it to be active, this is because exchange server run these changes in background process for all mail boxes. You may have to wait overnight depending on how large is your environment and few other factors. If you want to check the status of Read Tracking Enable you can do that suing the get form.

Get-OrganizationConfig | fl

Then look for ReadTrackingEnable in the output.

Once read tracking is enabled your users can see the delivery report just like in GroupWise using the following steps.

“Yes you can check who has read your message in the Outlook similar to Novell GroupWise without requesting read receipt.”

  1. Open “Sent Message” folder and then open the message that you would like to check the delivery status by double clicking on it.
  2. Click on the “File” in the message window and then click on “Open Delivery Report”, see image below.
Open Delivery Report in Outlook

Open Delivery Report in Outlook

This will open the browser and if you are not logged in to the webmail it will ask you to enter your username and password.

Hint 1

If you need to check multiple email delivery reports keep at least one delivery report open in the browser, doing this Outlook will not ask you for the credential for each delivery report.

Hint 2

Outlook also provide option “Request Delivery or Read Receipt”, if you are sending an email outside of your organisation and you would like to know if the recipient has read your message use request read receipt, but it is up to the recipient discretion to send you one or not.

OWA Login

OWA Login

  1. Once you have logged in you can see the delivery status of your message, see image below.
Read Status

Read Status


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